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Perfect opportunity for young professionals’ development and superb recruitment tool for successful corporations.


For the fourth year in a row, EG has been developing its internship program. During this period we have given a chance to more than 60 young enthusiasts to learn and practice integrated communication skills. Many of them were very talented and soon afterwards have started their careers as communication professionals. Some of them have continued their career paths within EG, to share our spirit and achieve our vision together with us.

Two major areas offered within the EG internship program are Digital Communication and Public Relations. The internship program is held within two-month periods throughout the year. During that time, young persons are entrusted with handling real-job tasks and utilizing their problem-solving skills. Interns are engaged as Account Assistants on various projects and usually work with several clients from different industries. Each intern has a mentor who supervises daily work and progress, and leads the entire process through completion. On top of that, interns are given regular feedback on every task accomplished from the teams they work with. Upon completion of the internship program, each Intern undergoes an elaborate evaluation and self-evaluation process which provides them an opportunity to discuss the overall experience, both for the Intern and for the Company, highlighting strong sides and areas for improvement.

The main areas of learning and engagement of the Interns in the Digital Department are Community Management and Social Media Metrics.

As for the PR interns, they are mostly involved in the media relations area, through learning how to build-up and utilize relationship with media, produce various press and promotional material; they are also engaged in desktop research, planning and reporting, as well as idea creation processes for different projects designed for our clients.

Originally, the main purpose of the EG Internship program was to promote the Communication profession and further strengthen its position and growth in Serbia and across the region. In fact, since the beginning of the program, many interns have continued their careers as part of the EG’s team of young professionals. Within the current EG structure, if one takes a look at the departments where Interns are usually engaged, we are proud to say that approximately 40% of our employees are actually our ex-interns. To be exact, 24% of the total number of EG employees are former EG interns.


Within the PR Department, 32% of the current employees are former interns, while in the Digital Department the percentage amounts to 62%.



During the two-month Internship period, EG staff has a valuable opportunity to get to know each intern, realize their potentials and motivation for work in the field of communications. In terms of HR practice, the opportunity to meet and get to know potential employees, as well as test their abilities in accomplishing various tasks in the workplace during the two months is a real privilege. From our experience, Internship may be considered a superb recruiting tool.

Employing a former intern, besides ensuring a successful recruitment, also has other advantages. Newcomers from the Internship program are actually not unfamiliar with the job and their colleagues at work. Thus, the introduction phase is actually a lot shorter and pursuing the new role becomes more easy and efficient.

During the past four years, we have received several hundreds of Internship applications. The selection process entails several phases, starting from the CVs screening. Selected groups of applicants are being tested using an in-house test developed to cover areas of key importance for the Communication profession. The best candidates are then invited for the interview with the interview panel. In some cases, references are being checked if found relevant for the position. The process is elaborate and time consuming, but for us this is a worthy investment. EG is committed to further developing the Internship program and we are eager to welcome new staff on board.

Emina Kopić,

HR Manager

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