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At the turn of 2012/2013 we undertook a unique annual research effort, appropriately named – Digital Safari. Aimed to find out do (and how) company representatives, mainly communication experts in Serbia, perceive, engage and measure the use social network and digital in their work.

More than 90% of Executive Group’s Digital Safari respondents say their companies use online tools, social media in communication. More than 90% of company representatives surveyed said that their companies use online tools and social networks in communication, while 88% believe that social networks are important for the work they do and that Facebook is currently the most significant social network.

More than 100 company representatives were surveyed as part of the research, which aimed to identify social network use trends in Serbia, and those among them who said their companies did not use online tools and social networks explained the businesses in question were abstaining in fear of losing control over their brands, the possible reputation risk, or potential negative comments by members of the online community. Companies represented by nearly a half of those surveyed have been using social networks between one and three years, while 24.4% of the polled said that their companies have been present on social networks between three and five years.

Digital Safari also showed that companies represented by 92% of those surveyed plan to increase the use of social networks as part of their operations, with Facebook to keep its leadership position and the use of YouTube and Twitter expected to increase. Furthermore, Digital Safari respondents said that the use of social networks in Serbia has a positive impact on certain elements of business operations, mainly through increased brand visibility and awareness, improved consumer relationships, and building brand loyalty, while as much as a half of them believe that social networks have a positive impact on increasing sales.

These are some of the main figures, however in true digital fashion we produced (English version coming soon) an infographic representation of most engaging stats which also leads you to a presentation containing all research data.

Digital Safari research will be undertaken annually in an effort to become somewhat of a local industry compass on digital and related matters benefiting professionals, scholars and public alike.

Being seasoned digital professionals, many things are by now tested, proven and instinctual for Executive Group Digital team, the real time trend changes do not allow us to rest with any data for more than a week. However this type of research serves both agencies and clients well, putting things in a higher perspective and road mapping some pivot points on future communication trends, market developments and investment opportunities.

By the time I have finished writing this blog post the market has already shifted, a new campaign started, new app, new blog, new crisis is maybe heating up on Twitter. We all need to keep our fingers on the digital pulse 24/7 while maintaining the vision of our communication goals and  strategic integrated approach in which digital is today leading the way, with or without us.

Igor Savic, Head of Digital


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